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Counterfeit Parts Test Solution: SemiTek

201 Curve Tracer Add-on

As the challenges of counterfeit and RMA electronic parts increase, so does the need to electrically test all devices to ensure their specifications. The SemiTek Test System is designed for general purpose testing and provides a broad range of test capability.

Easy to program and maintain, the system is programmable from millivolts and pico amps to 2000V/200A and includes an extensive library of tests for virtually any discrete semiconductor. Organized by category, tests are selected and run by the operator from a user-friendly graphics interface.

The powerful XTOS Windows-based Operating System allows archiving all test results to support historical data for true traceability. Statistical data can also be monitored in real-time to compare the mean of any test performed.

• Types of devices tested include:

Transistors, IGBT, SCR,
Optocouplers, MOSFETS, Relays,
Triacs, Sidacs, Arrays, JFet, and Diodes.

• Ability to perform more tests than any other system in it's class.
• Over 130 programmable Test Actions. Check out the list!
• General modules for creating operator prompts, adding comments or test times to a results log, and many other operator and operation commands including Categories which specify the acceptance criteria for the devices under test (DUTs).
• Abilty to add on and expand the test capability with various system options.
• Online access to new Test Actions, complete test files, and system updates.


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